Time To Say Good Bye to 2020

Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to 2020. It was a catastrophic year for the world and hasn’t been easy for anyone. 

But before you start watching fireworks in the sky and say goodbye to this strange year, I would like to say -THANK YOU – to all for your fantastic Support to Launchese

Thanks to entrepreneurs of the world, it has been a remarkable one for Launchese. 

We have seen all the incredible work you’ve done in 2020, and we all proud of you. We are so proud because you didn’t give up, kept fighting. You have discovered, you have implemented, you have tested and left no stone unturned to find the right solution. 

The Internet is a business model of the future, and we can not deny that. We all need to adapt and focus on getting into that as entrepreneurs. 

We learned a lot on Launchese in 2020 with your help. And according to them, we are planning to implement the following significant tasks in 2021. 

  • We have improved our customer service more, and everyone loves that. (https://www.trustpilot.com/review/launchese.com)
  • We are adding Vietnamese Support to Launchese soon. (We can speak Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Tagalog)
  • We have developed an excellent portal for entrepreneurs to manage their company and services (Launchese v 2.0) and go live in January 2021. 
  • Launchese Accounting & Bookkeeping still in process, sadly takes longer than we expected because of the effects of COVID-19 on the Government side. But we are still working on it, and we will make it real. 
  • We have improved our relationship with Financial Institutions and adding more partners to our portfolio in 2021. 
  • Launchese has partnered with investment companies in the US and UK to provide you with financial tools to grow your business. In 2021 we will introduce qualified Launchese users to get funding for your Facebook / Google ads and more.
  • Launchese members will get 1000s USD worth Startup perks from AWS, Google and many more in 2021.

That is huge and the result of your continued feedback. Thank you so much for supporting Launchese and being part of it. 

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Uygar & Yousef

Co-founders of Launchese

And Marvellous Launchese Team

Jennifer, Mounir, Chony, Chaymae, Vicky.