What is a Confirmation Statement and How to File it?

What is a Confirmation Statement

Have you ever wondered what a Confirmation Statement is and why it’s crucial for your UK business? Are you familiar with the ins and outs of filing this annual document?

When you run a business in the UK, there are various administrative tasks and legal requirements you must adhere to. One of these essential obligations is filing a Confirmation Statement with Companies House. 

So, let’s discuss what a Confirmation Statement is, why it’s important, and how to file it correctly. Whether you’re owning a business for years or just starting, understanding this process is crucial for maintaining your company’s compliance.

What Is a Confirmation Statement?

A Confirmation Statement, also known as an Annual Confirmation Statement is a legal requirement for companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) in the United Kingdom (UK). 

It is a document that companies and LLPs must file with Companies House, which is the UK government’s official registrar of companies, on an annual basis. The purpose of the Confirmation Statement is to provide updated and accurate information about the company’s structure, officers, and shareholders.

Why Is a Confirmation Statement Required?

The primary purpose of a Confirmation Statement is to verify that the information held by Companies House about your company is accurate and up to date. 

What Information Does It Contain?

A Confirmation Statement contains vital company details, such as:

  • Registered office address
  • Details of directors and company secretaries
  • Shareholders and their shareholdings
  • SIC code(s)

When and How Often to File

You must file your company’s house confirmation statement at least once every 12 months. The due date is typically a year after your company’s incorporation date or the date of the previous Confirmation Statement filing.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Filing a Confirmation Statement

Filing a Confirmation Statement can be done online through the Companies House website. Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Prepare Your InformationBefore you start the filing process, gather all the necessary information about your company. This includes details about directors, shareholders, your company’s registered address, and any changes that have occurred since the last Confirmation Statement.
Step 2: Access the Companies House WebsiteGo to the official Companies House website (www.gov.uk/companies-house) and log in to your company’s account. If you are not already registered, you will have to set up an account.
Step 3: Navigate to the Confirmation Statement SectionOnce logged in, navigate to the “File Confirmation Statement” section within your account. This is typically found in the “File online” or “Submit company information” area.
Step 4: Review and Confirm Company DetailsCompanies House will display the information they have on record for your company. Review this information carefully to ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date. If any details are incorrect or need to be updated, make the necessary changes before proceeding.
Step 5: Confirm StatementsYou’ll be asked to confirm various statements related to your company’s compliance with legal requirements. These statements typically include confirming that you’ve maintained registers of directors and shareholders and that your company is not involved in prohibited activities.
Step 6: Pay the Filing FeeThere is a fee associated with filing a Confirmation Statement. Pay this fee online using the payment method provided on the Companies House website.The fee amount may fluctuate, so ensure you review the updated fee schedule.
Step 7: Submit the Confirmation StatementAfter verifying all the information and making the necessary updates, and once the fee is paid, you can submit the Confirmation Statement online. Double-check everything to ensure accuracy before hitting the “Submit” button.
Step 8: Receive ConfirmationOnce your Confirmation Statement is successfully submitted, you’ll receive an email confirmation from Companies House. This email serves as proof that you’ve filed the statement.
Step 9: Keep RecordsIt’s crucial to maintain records of your filed Confirmation Statements, as well as any receipts or confirmation emails from Companies House. This documentation is essential for your company’s compliance and legal records.

What if Your Confirmation Statement is Overdue?

If you miss the deadline for filing your Confirmation Statement, your company could face late filing penalties. The penalties vary depending on how late the statement is filed and can accumulate over time.

Confirmation Statement Filing with Launchese – Partner of Companies House

If you’re uncertain about how to complete your Confirmation Statement accurately or want to ensure compliance with other legal requirements, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance.

As a trusted partner of Companies House, Launchese is here to simplify the process of filing your Confirmation Statement. We understand the importance of this annual requirement for maintaining your company’s compliance.


We’ll guide you through the entire process, from gathering the necessary information to making any required updates and handling the filing fee. With our expertise and user-friendly platform, we make it easy and efficient for you to submit your Confirmation Statement accurately and on time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What Happens if I Don’t File a Confirmation Statement?

Failure to file a Confirmation Statement can result in your company being struck off the Companies House register, effectively dissolving it. Such actions could result in legal and financial repercussions.

Q2: Can I File a Confirmation Statement Early?

Yes, you can file a Confirmation Statement before the due date if all the required information is up to date. However, this will not change the due date for the next statement.

Q3: How Do I Obtain My Company’s Authentication Code?

You can request your company’s authentication code from Companies House if you have lost or forgotten it. Be prepared to provide specific company details to verify your identity.