Amazon FBA – a Seller’s Panacea or a Double-Edged Sword For Your Business?

Undeniably, economic turbulence these days is challenging online merchants and entrepreneurs worldwide. Whether you’re running your sales globally with Amazon, or just thinking of opening up your brand-new Seller account, at some point of time you’ll find yourself reflecting whom to entrust your pick, pack and ship operations and how the latter are meant to be handled to ensure your business is sustainable, profitable and growing.                                                                      

You would probably argue, saying that one of the greatest advantages of selling on Amazon is that the marketplace does everything for you. Fulfilment, pick and pack, storage, shipping, refunds… But can’t that be a trap too? Would you always be in control of the operational or sales effectiveness as well as of the financial bottom line?

FBA Sellers at some point of time, faced the thrill of last-minute notice on substantial Amazon storage space withdrawal in the rise of the sales season, stock lockdown or even seasonal x3 storage price spikes notification, with zero to none chances of reversing the deplorable impact on the business. Do you relate to that?

Surprisingly, some Sellers neglect the cons of FBM, which at times can literally save your business and shield from the stock shortage or negative P&L. Fulfillment by Amazon may not be the best option if you sell many low-value items or large dimension products. And if your inventory is stocked for longer than 180 days, standard storage costs also go up.

This is where WAPI can really help you and save your time, money and even mental health. Our long-standing industry track record suggests that timely employment of flexible fulfilment operations, including smart mix of FBA and FBM alongside Amazon Preparation Service, which we are true experts of, grant you peace of mind and payoff tenfold.

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