The state of European Checkouts in 2021

94% of the top European ecommerce businesses we analysed had at least five basic errors in their checkout, adding unnecessary friction for customers.

Close to 40% of European customers we surveyed said they have doubled or more than doubled their online shopping in the past year. 

While this increase in demand presents a huge opportunity for online businesses, it also puts more pressure on companies to successfully capitalise on this potential and offer the best customer experience. 

However, we found that some of the biggest ecommerce companies in Europe often overlook one crucial step to making a sale: the checkout flow.

  • 1- The top four checkout form errors

  • 21% of European consumers would abandon a purchase if it took more than one minute to check out.

  • 42% of top businesses made at least three mistakes when formatting payment information or displaying error messages—these mistakes include not alerting customers when they
    entered an invalid card number or tried to pay with an expired card
  • 61% didn’t support address auto-complete and 9% supported neither address autocomplete nor native auto-fill
  • 10% of checkouts didn’t default to letting customers use their billing address as their
    shipping address.
  • 75% didn’t allow customers to save their payment information for future use.

2- The top three mobile optimisation errors

  • 89% of checkouts we analysed did not support Apple Pay
  • 85% of checkouts did not support Google Pay
  • 20% failed to surface a numeric keypad to enter card information on mobile

3- Checklist: How to increase buyer trust

  • Security visuals: Display security visuals, such as a padlock, to reinforce that the page
    is secure.
  • Cart recaps: Show a summary of all items ordered to instil confidence.
    Card brand: Automatically display an icon for the card brand (such as Visa or Mastercard) after the card number is entered.
  • Guest checkout: Allow customers to check out as a guest.
  • Account creation: Let customers create an account by connecting to their social media profile.
  • SCA: Manage European SCA requirements by dynamically applying card authentication and 3D Secure when required by the cardholder’s bank.

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